Startup Scouting

Expand your team by tapping our venture-quality analysts for your startup-related needs. Our expert analysts are ready to complement your existing team.

We help you manage your startup programs and ensure you work with the best startups. Request timely research, proactively receive synthesis of startup activity that matters most to you, and design custom startup research projects that help you look across millions of startups to solve your business challenges and unlock growth.

Analyst Collaboration

Curated KITE Reports

Leverage the various industry, investment and event reports produced by KITE’s analyst team, enabling you to look across the startup ecosystem and discover new partners.

Startup Scouting - Curated KITE Reports

Access On-Demand Scouting

Use our on-demand analyst team to receive startup information when you need it. Your dedicated analyst will provide you with deep startup research, company recommendations and competitive analysis so that you make more confident startup decisions.

Startup Scouting - Access On-Demand Scouting

Stay Informed on Ecosystem

Define the various startup and technology areas that matter most to your business, and we’ll ensure you don’t miss a thing. Our analysts monitor and curate news, reports, startups and competitor movements around your topics of interest, making it easy for your teams to stay informed and constantly discover new opportunities.

Startup Scouting - Stay Informed on Ecosystem

Centralize Scouting Efforts

Don’t have startup information get lost in spreadsheets and email. Keep all your information received in one place and build a library of knowledge that improves over time and supercharges future discovery.

Startup Scouting - Centralize Scouting Efforts

Super-Charged Innovation Team

Suntory has a San Francisco-based Innovation Center of Excellence that is tasked with finding startup partners to fit specific business needs. On a regular basis, the Suntory team collaborates with KITE to build search criteria; KITE’s expert analyst team then scans the entire startup ecosystem and recommends partners. This approach allows the Suntory team to move forward with the assurance that all potential solutions have been considered, and it greatly expands their sourcing and partnership capabilities without additional headcount.

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