SRM Platform

You’re familiar with CRMs that allow you to manage relationships with customers and prospects. KITE is an SRM — startup relationship management — platform designed specifically to accelerate and enhance how you engage with the startup ecosystem.

Centralize your enterprise’s proprietary startup knowledge to create a holistic view of your startup ecosystem and connect with startup experts to explore opportunities, stay current and discover the best partners.

Centralize Your Startup Knowledge Base

Keep all your startup relationships in one place, and easily sort and segment your startups with smart reports, dashboards and visualizations.

Generate Holistic Startup Profiles

Keep all information on each of your startups in one place: proprietary data from around your enterprise, dynamic startup data and recent news from leading data providers, plus tailored materials directly from startups.

Stay Informed on Startup Ecosystem

Discover new startup partners and track innovation trends by connecting with other parts of your organization, accessing KITE’s venture-quality analyst team and interacting with industry experts from around the startup ecosystem.

Share Startup Knowledge

Package up your startup recommendations and insights into dynamic reports and interactive dashboards, which enable you to easily manage and share information with stakeholders around your organization and beyond.

Tracking Thousands of Startup Relationships

Comcast-NBCUniversal has hundreds of business units and multiple revenue streams spanning several industries. All parts of its business are changing rapidly, and each area is collaborating, partnering, investing and acquiring startups to stay ahead of competition and drive growth. Various business units use the KITE SRM to unify their startup efforts in a central place, track thousands of existing and ongoing startup relationships, and interact with startup ecosystem partners to find new opportunities and unlock growth.

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