Open Innovation Programs

Open Innovation sits at the heart of a number of seismic realities: tech disruption is introducing competitive threats at an unprecedented scale and volume; competing now demands moving non-core activities to outside partners; the outside is moving much faster than the inside of your company.

Open Innovation is emerging as a discipline, program and capability because it is the only proven way to address these realities at a volume, scale and pace that is meaningful.

KITE powers the world’s leading virtual open innovation programs and will work with you to structure a strategic innovation program to identify, engage, evaluate and develop deep partnerships with the best startups essential to solving your company’s business challenges and unlocking growth.

Open Innovation Programs

Structure Ideal Program

Shape a strategic program, based on our knowledge and experience, that makes your challenges actionable and scales to optimize startup ecosystem responses.

Open Innovation Programs - Structure Ideal Program

Promote to Startup Ecosystem

Launch program and ensure you reach an exhaustive list of high-quality, relevant partners via targeted outreach, plus promote your challenge broadly to drive awareness and applications from all over the ecosystem.

Open Innovation Programs - Promote to Startup Ecosystem

Manage Startup Applications

Once submissions close, KITE’s analyst team supercharges your startup vetting and selection process to ensure you know everything about your applicants and can make informed decisions.

Open Innovation Programs - Manage Startup Applications

Prepare Startup Pitches

Define key points for a pitch specific to your needs then coach the startup finalists via one-on-one via video calls so they deliver engaging, informative pitches within your time constraints.

Open Innovation Programs - Prepare Startup Pitches

Professionally Produce Your Virtual Event

Navigate the logistical complexities and preparation required for a world-class virtual event and ensure everything runs smoothly so that you reach your audience with a high-quality show.

Open Innovation Programs - Professionally Produce Your Virtual Event

Drive Real Outcome

Bring together your stakeholders and startups at a virtual innovation event or schedule partner selection meetings to discover new innovation approaches, learn about important trends and select top startups, helping to ensure next steps and pilot launches.

Open Innovation Programs - Drive Real Outcome

Visa Everywhere Initiative

The Visa Everywhere Initiative is a best-in-class innovation program that accelerates decision-making and drives outcomes. KITE has powered Visa’s signature startup program since 2015. We launched with a focused approach that generated immediate outcomes, internal demand and category leadership. Next, we expanded to new markets globally, business units and areas of tech, and launched always-on recruitment and engagement. Now we are growing the existing structure and scaling efforts as we bolster the platform and implement more pilots.

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