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KITE makes it easy to track startup relationships and access industry experts so any business can stay current on the startup ecosystem.

KITE was founded in 2013 to address the fundamental disconnect between startups and enterprises. Innovation-hungry corporations were having trouble navigating the vast startup ecosystem. Startups were frustrated with finding the right champions in large organizations and turning them into customers. There is a massive opportunity to help translate and break down these barriers — and scale startup partnerships — with software.

We believe that bringing together proven businesses and crazy smart entrepreneurs in a more effective, software-driven way will facilitate one of the greatest reallocations of resources and assets ever.

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We Rise Together

As we add awesome new people to our team, we constantly return to “We Rise Together”— the mantra we adopted early on and that informs everything we do.

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The KITE team can be found at WeWorks across the country (and often the world).

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